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YourMakan's end to end solution lets you manage the whole process in one place,
automating many of your manual tasks.

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About YourMakan

YourMakan is a community management system that helps you input and track your data all in one place making it easy to pull out reports, unlock insights and visualize trends.
It is an indispensable system that provides value, control and peace of mind throughout the society related operational tasks.
It provides perfect solution for gated communities and residential welfare associations who recognize that smooth process go hand in hand.

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Managing your operations manually is a hassel, YourMakan offers flexible solutions
designed to help you meet your vision and goals.

Occupancy Management

Organization of your property is
done so that you are aware of how
many available units you have at
any given time.

Resident Management

With this feature you can maintain
a record of all your tenants/ Landlords
in one place for easy access.

Complaint Booking

This module helps you in identifying
potential issues & proactively
manage complaints from users.

Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance will become
much easier with this feature as you
can schedule it, see the status & make
sure it’s done without any hassle.

Facility Booking

Elegant online booking and reservation
system designed for scheduling
and managing community facilities.

Staff Management

This feature helps you keep track
of all the building employees & their
daily tasks.

Visitor Management

It can record the usage of the facilities
by specific visitors and provide
documentation of visitor’s

Cash Management

You can manage all your finances
linked with the resident, real estate
& staff & generate reports too.


This features helps you to send
messages & notify your tenants and
staff at one go.

Monthly Maintenance

This facility will help you keep a
track of monthly fee charged for


A look back on the list of landlords
or tenants that were associated to an
particular unit.

Watch A Quick

Here is a quick view of how YourMakan
can add value of your day to day operations
in Community Management.


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